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Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies (Main Facility)

Nanshan America is the newest integrated aluminum casting and extrusion facility in North America. Built to house Nanshan’s aluminum extrusion and casting operations, the manufacturing facility was developed on 50 acres on the south side of Lafayette, Indiana. A design-build approach was employed to construct the main building, which has a footprint of more than 600,000 square feet.

The building was designed with varying heights to accommodate equipment and operations with the Low Bay area having 25’ clear height and the High Bay totaling 50’ clear head height. The facility also includes 22 x internal docks, 4,000 square foot addition for air compressors, fire pumps and water treatment facilities, 12,000 sq ft, 2 x story maintenance shop, 18,000 sq ft die shop along with a 60,000sq ft pre-engineered metal building used to store scrap aluminum. This complete facility was constructed within 11 months.

Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies (Main Facility)

  • Over 67,000 Square Yards of RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) 7” and 13” thick
  • 11,800 Cubic Yards of concrete in the footings/foundations
  • 12,600 Cubic Yards of concrete in slabs
  • 930 tons of reinforcing steel
  • 1300 tons of structural steel
  • If the 100’-0” steel joists were lined up, they would span 24 miles
  • 15,686,000 lbs. of precast concrete panels
  • Over 1,600 T5 light fixtures
  • Over one million feet of electrical wire

Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies (Extrusion Production)

Utilizing the latest technology in equipment and processes, the 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility is capable of producing 150,000 tons of extrusion ingot and 50,000 tons of extruded product annually. Extrusions are produced utilizing either a 5,000-ton or 9,200-ton direct press and can range in size from 0.5 pounds per foot to 50.0 pounds per foot.

The semi-automated material handling, heat treating, and packaging systems position Nashan America as the most technically advanced integrated aluminum extrusion facility to hit the North American market in over 40 years.

Cube & Company managed and coordinated the construction of the foundations, pits, mechanical, electrical and all utilities for the aluminum extrusion process and continues to provide expansion and modification support for Nanshan’s extrusion facility.

Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies. (Cast House Production)

Due to the Owner’s schedule requirements, this project was divided into 6 phases so that construction could begin on certain areas while other areas were still being designed.

Completed in December of 2013, Nanshan America’s Cast House facility took approximately 8 months to build. This project included extensive foundation and pit work including excavations that totaled 100’ deep. Cube & Company continues to provide expansion and modification support for Nanshan’s casting facility.

Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies. (Cast House Production)

  • Over 300,000,000 pounds of annual casting capacity
  • Four homogenizing furnaces
  • Two 125,000lb high efficiency gas-fired melting furnaces
  • One 125,000lb holding furnace
  • Two log coolers
  • In-Line ultrasonic inspection
  • Computer controlled 42” billet saws
  • Automated log and billet packaging
  • Designed and operating under LEED initiatives

Nanshan Office Build Outs

  • Conference Room Space
  • Bull-Pin Cubicle Space
  • Executive Offices
  • Locker Rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Learning Center
  • Restrooms
  • Data Center
  • 765.269.4321
  • 302 Ferry Street, Suite 101, Lafayette, Indiana 47901
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